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  • Video Voice-Over (VO)
  • Webinars, online video training, virtual meetings
  • Video Coach packages

It's The Video Coach training from Intro to Close...

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Why Videos?

Whether HD quality DIY or professional show-case video clips, well presented videos - representing your business in the way you want - convince your target market that you have what they need, to stay on your website longer and be far more likely to buy. Over half of us have taken action after viewing video ads, and according to digital marketing experts “Videos are not just big… they’re huge!” Videos are the must-have marketing tool for today and video can be used in a multitude of ways - which I'm here to teach you about. Added bonus is videos get still you higher in that Google search with better SEO, even with Penguin and Panda restrictions – what better way to boost your profile and increase sales!

But hold your horse power and think before you grab that camera or book that shoot! If you’ve never driven a car before you get driving lessons, so why would you film any old video without asking for some help first?
Lottie Hearn, The Video Coach helps you learn your way around, from brainstorming video ideas, to planning and creating, to coaching you through presenting your own business videos and virtual video meetings, training programmes and webinars - filming you all the way to produce final clips you can use. We can even help you set up your own YouTube channel to get your videos out there straight away! Click on to find out more about Video Coaching and the importance of learning how to do it right...

We're here to help you present you on video, to be #FLAWSOME and boost your business via video even better than you already do. 

Lottie's job is to empower you to:

  • Discover your own video presenter skills you may already have - as the expert in your field why get someone else to present what you know best?
  • Plan, present and promote your video style - enhance the way you want you or your company to be perceived by customers and clients, learn to create videos with business impact
  • Build confidence, credibility and charisma  on camera- with all the top tips you need to film your web videos and presentations.

Why create "car-crash TV" when with a bit of training you can gain enough confidence and experience to present web videos more effectively, more efficiently - creating videos people actually want to see!

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