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Philip Darling at Concept Choice Visual Solutions and I had a great chat about branding, design, videos and all things visual for marketing. We're looking to see when our paths cross to work in synergy. So when clients have the budget and want big budget productions with the focus on design and branding, I can coach your presentation, voice and work with you on your script and video ideas during the full-on production shoot, while Philip and his team focus on making you and your company brand look fantastic! To find out more about what Philip and his team do go check out their website:

W www.conceptchoice.com/home 

Connect with Philip via linkedin.com/in/conceptchoice & twitter.com/conceptchoice




     I recently met the wonderful Marie Griffin, queen of conference management, and she invited me to join the
     Summit Focus Partnership panel of experts who help Summit Focus deliver client organisations a suite of conference
     management options, company meetings and seminars management and marketing solutions. When you want help with
      your conferences and meeting contact Marie via these links:

     T (01) 524 2375 | M (086) 171 2326 | E marie@summitfocus.com | W www.summitfocus.ie/index.php
     T www.twitter.com/summitfocus | L www.linkedin.com/in/mariegriffin

With particular expertise within the financial services sector, their experience includes:
- Irish Association of Pension Funds - www.iapf.ie/Events/upcomingevents/
- Irish Association of CorporateTreasurers - www.corporatetreasury.ie
- Munster’s most challenging triathlon event - www.monstermac.ie
- Federation of International Banks in Ireland - www.ibf.ie/gns/events/events.aspx
- MBA Association of Ireland - www.mbaassociation.ie
- Dublin International Insurance & Management Association conference - www.europeaninsuranceforum.com



For jargon-free social media training and solutions for SMEs, we love working with Carole Smith at SynNeo – from Facebook coaching to LI & Tweet advice she’s our kind of connected lady!

E carolesmith@synneo.ie | W synneo.wordpress.com/about/ | T +353 (1) 547 7884

F www.facebook.com/SocialMediaCoachIE | L www.linkedin.com/in/synneo


   InTandem  are our FAB Partners for all things website - they've even taught us how to take care of the site & update things
   ourselves - and that's a feat right there!

   To get in touch with them contact via:

   T (071) 913 4211  |  M (086) 602 3334  |  S carolin.collins

   E info@intandem.ie  |  W www.intandem.ie  |  F www.facebook.com/intandem  |  L www.linkedin.com/in/carolincollins


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We are excited to have Vuvie Media as Production Partners: www.vuviemedia.ie
When you know exactly what you want, how you want to do it and want an affordable professional greenscreen shoot or have budget for a location shoot, do get in touch with them and say we sent you!

Contact: hello@vuviemedia.ie or call +353 0851705112

"By simplifying the entire process Vuvie Media has transformed web video creation into a fast, easy and affordable experience for everyone. Vuvie Media’s video optimisation and distribution process means high quality web video works harder to deliver valuable and measurable business results. Covering UK and Ireland, Vuvie Media has lowered the cost of creating a video, making it an affordable and easy solution for every type of business.



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