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How to Voice-Over Video and WOW with webinars, virtual video meetings and online video training!

As experts in your field, you know content is king, You know what you are talking about better than anyone. So you don’t need us to create the PowerPoint slideshow, Prezi or webinar style presentations and online training videos for you. But how do you turn your valuable existing marketing assets and collateral in to engaging videos? Ppt videos with voice-over (VO) are a quick, easy and successful alternative if you really feel you have more of a 'look for radio' or don't want to go on camera - even though I truly believe everyone can learn to feel confident and charismatic on camera, as every actor starts with 'fake it till you make it' - but it's up to you!

First question with slideshow style video is - is it exciting enough to hold interest with just text or pictures, even if they are moving? Did you know that not only will YouTube start to weed out visual only videos with the introduction of voice-recognition software, but more importantly visuals with a voice have far more impact on your viewer. After 72 hours, people remember only 10% of textual info, 65% of audio, but a staggering 95% of audio visual information - so adding a voice to your slides really doesmake better business sense!

So, how much more engaging will your visuals be with a Voice-Over? Do you have budget for a VO artist each time, or will you invest a little to learn how to do them yourself? Do you need music? Can you get it copyright free? These are all questions I can help you answer while shoiwing you just how easy a Ppt video is to do with your slideshow, a microphone and you.

You may also use webinar as a tool, for training, client demos, to introduce your company - but are you recording what you are already doing to create a video that's an on-going marketing tool? If not why not, you've got the material already, I can simply help you make the most of your webinars and health check how you're hosting them.

While pondering those thoughts - here's how I can help you learn to know what works for Video with Voice-Over, Webinar Hosting (live and pre-recorded) and even tips for Teleconferencing - it all helps…

  • How to turn that slideshow in to a show reel that will make your audience take the action that you want
  • How to present, or 'storyboard' that webinar, training video, virtual video meeting or slideshow content in an engaging way
  • How to be The Voice of your audio videos to grab the audience attention and keep interest the whole way through.

I share the secrets as a professional TV presenter and highly experienced Voice-Over artist - tips on how to wow your listeners or viewers, what needs a little more animation or colour, TV-styling or panache! You also need to know how to look after your voice - it's one of your most precious assets after all. Warming up is a start and a Video Presenter Vocal Assessment will point out where you need to improve.

Whether for pre-recorded video clips, training programmes or live webinars, animated videos, I can show you how to create engaging clips, to use the power of your voice to sell an idea, to match script to visuals, to present webinars, hold teleconferences under pressure and even how to work your voice for radio interview impact.
All in appropriate styles to suit your business, for individuals or small teams.

Video tools & tips

Here are a few useful links, tips and Video creation tools I like to use that might inspire you to creating video without having to be on camera yourself:

Plus - ever thought of Animation? Our favourite animated video links include: cartoon animation, whiteboard animation or doodling, quick draw or hand-drawn video like Punk Economics

Vocal warm-up tips

Humming opens your resonators and frees the chest - start gently!

Tongue twisters loosen the tongue, but stretch your face and mouth out before you start to waken the muscles - go on, pull that crazy wide-mouth frog look!
Here are a few tongue twisters to get your mouth round - start slowly and increase pace with confidence and clarity:

  • Red lorry, yellow lorry. Red lolly, yellow lolly / Red leather, yellow leather
  • She sells sea shells on the sea shore
  • Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers
  • Now try - The Leith Police dismisseth us - pronounce each word seperately and very clearly!

Take care of your voice, avoid straining it and always have a glass of room temperature water to hand.

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All coaching is bespoke to each customer.

We provide complimentary discovery meetings to assess I'm the right person to help you with what you need - live or via Skype.

The place to start is with an extremely time and cost-effective Video or Voice-Over Presenter Assessment service, which can be completed in the privacy of your own office or home.

Email to book an assessment, film a video or record your voice, email via your Smartphone the Eyejot Vmail link at the bottom of the page and I send you a 2-3 page, specific report, detailing what you do well on camera and ways you could be even better.

So, get in touch with us and we can work out the whys, whats, where, when, how and who of Video for you and your business!


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